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Who is behind ai da?

Yoko Kawaguchi

[Rough background]


Hello, I'm Yoko. I was born in Calgary and raised in Toyama prefecture.

After graduating from a local college, I entered the University of Ottawa to study English education. A small sense of discomfort overlapped and I dropped out from uni, and came back to Japan.

I spent about 10 months to recharge, then moved to Tokyo to work at a guesthouse. Returning to Toyama, I rested for a while again, and now I live in Kasugai, Aichi.


[A little more detail]


One day in 2009, my family had a major dietary reform as my dad was diagnosed as pre-diabetes. We researched, learned, and started to be conscious of what we eat. 


Living three years in Canada was a great inspiration for me 

to be conscious of my consumption behavior.

I started thinking about making choices that are comfortable and kind for myself and the whole planet.

I learned that knowing will give you more choices.

I learned that it will be easier to live if you have more choices.

That's why I want to share more and more interesting knowledge at aida.

It would be great if aida becomes one of the options for you to spice up your life.


[Some of my favorite things]


Blue. The Beatles. Shiba's curly tail. Orange marigold.

The night when the snow wraps the sound.

The moment I open the envelope of the developed film photo.

The moment I put the cheesecake in the oven.

Making jigsaw puzzles on Sunday afternoon while listening to the radio.

Exploring new spice curry restaurants.

A walk with no purpose in an unknown city.


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