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Bulk Store at aida

A small store at the entrance

We sell groceries by weight and daily necessities.

Our products are not wrapped individually,

so please bring empty jars, containers, bags etc.

*We also sell cotton bags, and rental glass jars are available.


We offer organic beans, nuts, dried fruits, spices, and 

a lot more to come.

Choose what you want, in the amount you like, in the container you bring.

Products are listed here 

Opening hours and product details on Instagram

Why bulk/package-free store?

To be honest, shopping at a bulk store takes some time and effort.

You need to plan ahead, bring containers, weigh every item.


We offer much less variety of products compared to general grocery stores. It's not convenient as a supermarket where you can find pretty much anything you need anytime.


However, we still choose to sell everything in bulk, without packaging,

because we cast doubt on the "convenience" of single-use packages,

and we know that zero-waste shopping is possible,

and more than anything, it is simply fun to shop with no packages.

When shopping at ai da, you can...

  • reduce unnecessary packaging and waste,

  • buy just as much as you need and reduce food loss,

  • be creative to make the best use of the containers at home,

  • try out different tastes.

I believe that facing inconvenience helps us be conscious of what is happening behind the convenience we take for granted.


By taking some time and effort, we can be more mindful and sustainable,

and our life will become simple.


I hope shopping at ai da becomes your new favorite,

and you find joy in sustainable living with less waste.

Consume more consciously

Where and how is it made? 

What is it made of, and how is it sold?


These are the questions I ask when choosing products at ai da.

In addition to choosing additive-free food and long-lasting items,

I try to choose products with the understanding of their production and distribution processes.

Organic, locally produced, ethical, sustainable, fair trade, zero-waste are some of the important criteria when choosing our products, but to put it more simply, I always care if there is LOVE in the process of making it.

Knowing that sometimes we choose to buy cheep and convenient products, I would love you to be aware of the possibility of us burdening other people and nature because of our choices


Be conscious of the impact of your choices.

Buy less and buy better.

That would be a tender choice for the environment and for ourselves.

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