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Spaces for rent

We rent the rooms, the kitchen and the garden as event spaces.


They can be great spaces for exhibitions, workshops, yoga, cooking classes, and also for pop-up stores or photo shoots.


This 130-year-old house used to be a lively place where relatives gathered during the Obon and New Year holidays.


We renovated the house, and it became more comfortable than ever.

We would like ai da to be a place where people with passion can get together, create, and be inspired.

We hope the knowledge and awareness shared at ai da will allow your perspective to widen and new ideas to emerge.



If you are interested in using our space,

please read the rental plans and terms of use first, and contact us by email.


As a general rule, rental reservations will be accepted after you come to the tour.

Please be sure to contact us when you visit, as we may not be able to guide you during the business hours of the bulk store.

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