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Rental Plans


Rental space is available from 9am to 5pm.

Please note that the minimum use is from 2 hours.

The usage time includes the time required for preparation and tidying up.


Please contact us if you wish to use before or after our operation hours or a time frame other than the following (5 hours, 6 hours, etc.).

Please contact us for discounts for regular use.

All prices are tax-excluded.

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* About the kitchen

The kitchen usage fee includes the use of cooking utensils and tableware.

If you are not cooking but wish to use certain utensils and tableware, options are available to only rent the necessary equipment.

Example) When using an electric kettle (300 yen) and a set of tableware (500 yen), 1000 yen will be added to the room fee.



Click here for a list of available kitchen equipment.



Wifi and power plugs are available in all rooms.

We also have desks, chairs, cushions, and partitioning boards, so please let us know in advance if necessary.


If you have any questions about using the rental space, please contact us from the inquiry form.


If you are new to us, please be sure to visit us once.

After the tour, we will ask you to read and agree to the terms of use,

and proceed with the booking process.


The fee will be charged in advance.

Please transfer or pay at the facility at least one week before the date of use.

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