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Terms of Use

Please comply with the terms of use when using the rental space. If you do not follow these terms, we may prohibit you from using the service. Thank you for your understanding.


★ Purpose of use


In principle, the rental space can be used for various seminars, workshops, exhibitions, cooking, meetings, dinner parties, photo shoots, etc.


If it is found that the following situations apply, we may take measures to cancel the application or suspend the use even after the application is accepted or during the use. In addition, we do not take any responsibility for the damage of the user caused as a result. Also, if damage occurs to us due to the following reasons, we will claim the damage.


  1. Actions that violate public order and morals or the law

  2. Religious solicitation, illegal sales seminars, and network business related activities

  3. When violent acts, antisocial acts, or organizations whose business content is unclear sponsor the activities

  4. If you violate this agreement or do not follow our precautions

  5. When the contents of the application and contract are false, or when the usage is different from the contents

  6. When there is a risk of causing inconvenience to neighboring residents due to the sound, vibration, odor, etc.

  7. If you bring in dangerous goods, or if accidents resulting in injury  by bringing in dangerous goods, or if the building, rental space equipment, etc. are damaged, soiled, or lost

  8. When it is judged that it is inappropriate for management and operation of the rental space


★ Application process


① House tour

If you are using our space for the first time, please visit us once. Please contact us from the inquiry form for information and explanations about facilities and equipment.


② Reservation application

Please read through and agree to the terms of use and submit  the reservation form.

* Depending on the reservation status and usage details, we may not be able to accept your request.


③ Payment of usage fee

The usage fee will be settled in advance. Please transfer or pay in advance at the facility at least one week before the date of use.


★ Cancellation policy


If you cancel after confirming your reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

(1) 50% of the usage fee if cancelled 10 to 4 days before the date of use

(2) 80% of the usage fee if cancelled 3 to 1 days before the date of use

(3) 100% of the usage fee if cancelled on the day of use


★ Notes


■ Usage time ■

Usage time includes time for preparation and cleaning up. We will not be able to accommodate visitors before the usage time, so please be sure to inform participants of your events. We do not support refunds due to shortened usage time. We may refuse to extend the time on the day depending on the reservation status.


■ Others ■

Smoking is prohibited in the facility. There is no smoking area.

All rooms are strictly prohibited from wearing shoes. Please take off your shoes and go up.

After using the service, please clean the rooms, put everything back before leaving.

As a general rule, please take any trash with you.

If you are infected with or may be infected with a specific infectious disease specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare within 14 days after using this facility, please contact us.


★ Damage compensation / disclaimer


We shall not be liable for any theft, damage accidents, personal injury accidents, etc. associated with the use of the facility or parking lot, regardless of the cause.

If the use is stopped due to a natural disaster or other force majeure that is not attributable to us, we shall not be liable for any damages.

If buildings, equipment, fixtures, rental equipment, etc. inside and outside the facility are soiled, damaged, or lost, all damages must be compensated.

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